Friday, 22 February 2013

Second Class

Supposely this entry should be uploaded few days ago. But, due to my berokben have overweight (berat 66) kena la tunggu tarikh yang sesuai.

Well, my second class is French Communicative.
First time masuk kelas language ni.. madame sangat bersemangat speaking , she speaking French. .!
Oh yeahh!!!
Padahal .. omooooo..! dalam hati ni `gapo la madame ni dok oyak?’ and aku la asyik dok angkat tangan.
Org lain smua muka cm paham. Upa2 nya.. diorg dop phm starang! Belakon molep la. -..-
But, in the end, madame said. It just an introduction.
Haha! Sayang madame!!
For task, we need to choose one title.
1.       Mon week-end (my weekend)
2.       Mon hobby (my hobby)
3.       Mes etudes (~my study)
4.       Une journée de ma vie (~what I always do in one day)
5.       Mon village natal. (my birth place)

And yes! I am excited sebab it’s not easy to get into language class. Even cannot learn Spanish(sebab lecturer further study) , it is fair enough to have French in return. Besides, French is spoken worldwide and international.

I can do it, I just need to believe in myself.
You too .
Till then, bye!

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