Thursday, 11 December 2014

Jeruk Pak Ali

Hye !

Dah nak dekat setahun cikput x amek peduli bab blog ni.
Currently I'm so busy like crazy  kat UMT ni.
Owh, btw, after abis contract February aritu, I decided to further my study to Master level.
And yahh! I'm doing it right now. 
MSc. Marine Science. 
One and half year more to go. 
At the same time working as demonstrator for scuba diving course; research assistant in coral research team; working under Dept. of Marine Park; owh . one more, cikput also working at Laguna Redang Island Resort where you can find me kat Laguna Dive Center. Since now off season, I usually busy chasing the waves. Like always, every year. 
Except this year, cikput meluncur dengan lebih kerap.
Berlatih dan practice dan practice 
So, bila dah abis monson, x de la nak tmenung tepi pantai ja.

I will find some other time to update the blog.
Or maybe build new blog. again. coz I change a lot of things including my life, the way I live.
any question, you just can email me at

See ya.