Saturday, 22 February 2014

PaXtheBaX Feb 2014 Tioman Island


Usha tajuk sat. yup! Tioman Island, Pahang.

Due to stress from work, my head start to jam, heavy. I easily get angry, always alone because I don’t want others to get negative aura from me. Maka, 10 February lalu, tamat lah my contract with my boss. Suddenly, idea just popped out from my old rusty brain. I know.

I should have holiday. I deserve it!!!

I was lucky enough since I have friends currently working in Tioman. So, I stayed at Juara Turtle Project as volunteer. There, concept like give n take. They give place, we give our commitment.

There are many tourists from Europe countries. So, we need to give talk to them regarding turtle conservation in Malaysia, threat to turtles and how does human activities affect marine environment.

Lucky again. I am marine biology student. So, when they ask questions, I am confident with my answer! But if korg interested, xde background marine pon xpe. Listen & practice.

Going to Tioman Island is my first baby step to learn to become backpacker (iols kan kan p backpack Europe..ngeh3~).
Introducing, This is my self-escape.

welcome to Tioman Island!!!

JTP. i was here.

berselfie with ma fQen, phia

pusing2 kampung with side car. cam moto org kurg upaya r.

Rahim and his beach pant! BTW, that big rock has different color (top and bottom) since it was covered with sand  before. see, how our surrounding is changing.

makan kepok lekor + ayer nyior time petang2.tepi pantai.tenang.

playing volleyball with villagers there. most of them surferboy or beachboy.
 after that, kami p surfing!!yahoo!

breakfast.roti canai tepi pantai.sambil tengok ketam korek lubang.cari makan jugak.

we at coconut groove. 

pekena ayaq nyior before terjun laut. panjat, kutip buah nyor tepi pantai je uols.

panjat bukit. mandi air terjun. sejukkk~brRr !~_~! pemandangan dari air terjun. leh nampak laut
cantik mak aiiii! sebab pkai nset cikai so xbpa jelas
me and new friend, volunteers from Finland. Esko and Delphine.
i like friendly. so funny.

going back to mainland with Charlie.

waiting for ferry. with Charlie and Richard. 

KakZati and Bushman Cafe.Tioman. please3 try mkn sini.sedap!

Before pergi, make sure check jadual feri since feri situ beroperasi ikut pasang surut.

14.2.2014 Depart from KT (kuala teganu) to mersing 9pm to 4 am (RM38)
15.2.2014 mersing to tioman- ferry depart 11 am. (RM35) *if org tioman, dapat price RM30*
Arrive 1pm.. 20minutes from jetty Tekek to Kg. Juara. (RM30) biasa diorg ambil RM50-70.
Kawan punya pasai leh dapat cheap price.
19.2.2014 ferry depart from Tekek 7 am.
  Richard tolong anta g jetty Tekek n  RM30 for ticket ferry
(discount RM5 tiket feri coz we together with Charlie.)
12.30 pm bus from Mersing to KT. (RM36)
Distance bus station n jetty x jauh pon. Still walkable ~1km.
Total for transportation : RM 169

Korg perasan x aku asyik pkai baju sama ja? Ini disebabkan baju2 yang dalam bag hanya utk percutian 3 hari 2 malam jer. Disebabkan cuaca x mengizinkan (pdhal gedik extend holiday), cikput telah berkampung di Kg. Juara, Tioman Island selama 5 hari 4 malam. 

Conclusion. Very very Satisfied lah a.k.a best der gua cakap sama lu!


Adios. xoxo :D