Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ohsem intern!

hye everyone!

comment ca va?

hope uols ok.
*bajet cm ramai yg baca belog ni*

straight to the point.
internship this time seriously awesome !!!
never thought i will be happy like this
after all, i'm the only girl from UMT registered for intern at FRI Pulau Sayak.
at the beginning , i was awkward. then, i met new friends. from USM, UIA.
i'm glad we spent every precious moment like 'we'll never meet again tomorrow' 
2 months .. time flies.
i need more time to be with them. 
to know them. 
to show how much i love my friends. 
all of them. 
i dont know if they feel the same way like i do.
pieces of our memories that i would like to share with u guys out there.

activate the bowling mode every time we feels like to.

depa la kan ckp.. kmi ni cm adik akak. xleh pisah lgsung

let us burn under the sunlight

dwelling at fisherman village taught me a lot .. about real life. how hard it is.

 dok sini baru blajar mkn seafood. food is everywhere!!
just go out and pick at nearby rocky shore. 

saya suka makan. 
bertambah selera bila tengok ada org lain kuat makan jugak.

bestie. for evah!

priceless pic! the only picture that have complete of us.

feels like dream. 
 i need to get back to real life.
wake up putriasma!

till we meet again 
with love, 
xoxo D !