Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hye there!
Monsoon is coming back!
Buka ja fesbook ada ja update pasal naik air sana sini.
Org tersayang pon mulai risau.. guane la anak dye.
Tenggelam ke tidak umah.
Luckly, my house just perfect for monsoon season.
It just jalan…disconnected(broadband sgt..)

But, its not what I worried about. I’m more worried about UMT beach.
The place we play beach volleyball.
Its not the same anymore.

Politicians, people with big name, can’t you hear?
Laut ni mcm baby la jugak.. And right now..
The ocean is crying..! And it’s getting louder when you keep digging, tambak bagai..
for money that won’t last forever.
Please, consider them.
What do we keep to our children and the next generation..?
rock and dust..?
before.. i miss this time!

after monsoon few days ago..
left nothing except big waves

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