Tuesday, 1 January 2013

seLaMat ..tteEtTt!

It seems like Terengganu strike by second phase of monsoon.
Meaning that, we experience winter for second time in this month.
Wanna wish happy new year.
No  azam right now sbb azam dah dipasang pada awal muharram hari tu lagi.
I got no countdown this year. OK.no fireworks like before. No outing like before.
Kembali ke landasan yg lurus mungkin

Very big thank to my friends..
Nik, thanks for accompanied me. Jogging kat stadium. Keep me healthy .. always :)
Shroul, thanks belanja big apple
Syak, thanks. Give me a space.. to get fresh air (la sangat..)
Linda, u are my ispiration.
And to all my friends pia, ain, faizah , awin, siput, zaki, dhat, mr.shark, smua lahh! Thank you so much!
Lurv korang  banyak2 .seperti bintang d langit!
Most important, thanks to me familia. I gave my all to u.mom, I love you until the end
Hope this new year will bring us more luck than last year.
4 a.m now. Till then, adios amigos ^^
end of December 2012

Mcm be ja tengok set2 ni main boat control kat stadium runtuh.
Laaajjjuuuu baq ang!

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