Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sea Shepherd

como estas??

spanish kauu malam2 buta ni
baru ja godek2 tenet cari background untuk blog baby ni.
since someone tgur blog ini quite boring..so, i accept it with open minded and try to make it better.
of cos l ma deeer.. i am not a best blogger in da town.
aku ni pulun.
keje belambak but still thinking on my new blog.
bajet boleh balance la.
eh, actually, motive this entry is.. want to share about sea shepherd.
it is organisation which conserve marine wildlife.
yeahhhh!!! marine.
now, u can watch in astro how they try to accomplish the mission.
try to end up whale killing by stopping the nishin maru.
before this, my lecturer, mr.yong always talk bout this sea shepherd. and i was like.. OMEGAHHH..!! beraninya mereka.!

dengan ada nya organisasi n orang2 cmni lah dapat membangkitkan smngt orang ramai terutama marine biologist untuk terus memelihara hidupan marin.
please2 everyone..
do not eat turtle egg
do not pee while swimming
do not buy exotic fish (??)

pleaseeeee save our earth by reduce energy coonsumption
save this earth for our next generation
 thank you.

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